Things to Consider When You’re Making a Video

Content rules sovereign. They are the essence of YouTube and is the primary reason why the number of people tuning in to the site reaches the one billion mark every day. They are the building blocks that determine youtube-likeswhether you’re going to be a YouTube success or failure. The YouTube action revolves around it. It’s the reason why people give you a thumbs up, click on your page, and subscribe. It’s also what can make you successful, launch your career, or grow your business.

But for something so important, content is severely overlooked. It’s the reason why, despite the fact that 4 billion videos are viewed every day, You Tube activity only amounts to 100 million. A lot of the videos are just not that engaging. Many users are eager to see their YouTube star rise, without giving much thought into the videos that they are producing.

Don’t hit that upload button just yet

According to, the formula to views, likes, and subscriptions are so much more than “shoot and upload.” Here are things to consider when you’re making a video.

1. Plan and strategize. Listing down your video ideas is a good way to get the creative juices flowing. You can also park any ideas that may not be applicable to the video you’re creating and save them for future videos.

2. Prepare thoroughly. Storyboarding is a good trick for visualizing the flow of your video. It also gives you a leeway to adjust before you shoot. To avoid dead moments in the video, stuttering, or multiple retakes, prepare a script.

3. Get your equipment ready. Today’s technology doesn’t give anyone an excuse for low-resolution videos anymore. Prepare your equipment and make sure that they are capable of producing both good video and audio.

5. Shoot well. Once you’ve done the appropriate prep work, this part should be a breeze. Make sure that you capture your story perfectly. Find a good location without too much background noise or any other form of distractions. Make sure that you have a good lighting. You have a good story, so make sure that your story shines through. If you don’t have a steady hand or a camera crew, invest in a tripod.

6. Edit well. All that prep work and good shooting won’t translate to a good video if you don’t edit well. Think of this as the finishing touches to your story. Remember to keep the video at an ideal length, nothing too short or too long. If you’re doing a separate audio recording, make sure to sync it perfectly with the video file.

7. Upload smartly. This simply means that crafting a good title is just as important in your video making process. Write a title that perfectly captures your video, and be careful not to misspell anything. Keywords also help the visibility of your video and invite more views and likes. also clarifies that a good content always pays off. Keep these things in mind when you’re making your next video and you just might be surprised to see the likes and praises that will follow.