Different types of tennis racket

If you like to play Tennis, you already understand the type of the racket that you need to have with you especially if you would like to upgrade away from the current racket and you are looking for the racket that offers more comfort, more control and more power. Regardless of why you need to get a new racket, you have to know the basis that will help you to make the best tennis racket.
However, if you are looking for the racket for the first time, you may not be aware of what you have to look for. You may be confused more with the number of the rackets that you will find on the market. To be able to make the right choice, you have to read the reviews about the racket and to know the characteristics that should be given more weight than others.
The power and game improvements racket: the term had been used for the power oriented racket. These rackets feature oversized or super oversized heads. They are longer, lightweight and stiffer. It is designed for the players who have slower and shorter swings and who are looking to get more power for its racket.

The tweener rackets are the racket that offers the blend of different features of the game improvement with the player racket. They are normally lighter, they are easily balanced and they have a big mid plus head with an extended length. The racket model gives low medium and high power to the player and it appeals to the advanced players who are looking to get more maneuverability.
Player or control racket: it is the racket which is easily used by the professional with the high end club and the college team player. The model is normally heavier when it comes to its weight and it is easy to maneuver. The racket is good for the players who offer their own power and who want to get the racket that give better control. It can be of extended and standard length.
While looking for the best tennis racket, you have also to know the features of the racket. The head size is important because it gives the power to the head size. The larger head is going to provide better power compared to the small head as far as other features are the same. The head size offers the balance between the control and the power.

Length: the rackets are found in different lengths and the legal length for the games is between 27 to 29 inches. The long racket can provide better ground stroke’s for the more leverage and this offers more power. When the length of the racket does increase, its racket length also increases.
Balance and weight: They are two characteristics which influence the feel of the racket, when it is picked up or when it is being swung. A heavy racket is considered more powerful and it is more stable because it does not transmit too much shock. After the weight, you have to decide about the balance, if it is head heavy or head light.