Metrics that are Considered While Setting up the PBN

If you are looking for the best PBN setup service, then you have come to the right place. At we follow the right process and method to setup the PBN for you. It’s the private blog network that needs to be setup correctly. And once this is done, getting backlinks for your website will become easier. Major search engines like Google and Yahoo like to see the backlinks a site has got and on the basis of this fact they use to assign the rank.

If you can do this, the chance for your website to rank higher in the SERP will go up. when a website receives higher rank in the major SERPs, it can also draw more web traffic. And hence the business growth and revenue generation can occur. This type of work seems to be a must do one for the money websites.

At, we follow the right strategy to set up the PBN for you. It’s the private blog network that we set is based on the network that we already have through the combination of authoritative websites. This network can be used to generate the links for your website. In order to do so, our team will first research and find out the expired domains that are related to the niche you deal with. Before that the client has to meet the metrics as well as they need to pass the pre-purchase checklist.

When we use to choose those domains, highly relevant or moderately relevant domains can also be taken into consideration. We also use to check the fact that whether or not that website can naturally link with our client’s money website. If there are sites that can naturally link back to your website, then those sites will be targeted first and the moderately relevant sites will be targeted to generate the backlinks further. And when a site is no way relevant to your money website, we will not take this into consideration for setting up the private blog network.

When we are doing this, we also offer a great importance to the page rank of those sites that will be linked back to our client’s money website. higher the page rank, its better. But we also opt for the sites that use to have page rank 0 to 3. We also pay a great attention towards, page authority, domain authority, citation flow and trust flow like elements while setting up the PBN for our client’s website. The private blog is the network of blogs, or network of blog websites that interlink with each other when right to share traffic and link juice. “Private” generally refers to idea that each blog in network is been owned by same person and people so they have complete control over quality of links and content that these blogs will send and receive. One characteristic of the private blog is it can typically revolve over one topic or niche.