Getting rid of a Muffin Top – Four ways to do it

A muffin top is a common problem. A few ladies, especially those who have had kids, have this stubborn weight issue. It refers to the fleshy tissue that spills over the beltline or waistband. It is unattractive and you should do your best to get rid of it. Otherwise, it will continue to be impossible to wear those cropped tops and low-rise jeans you love so much. But what is the right way to eliminate this beauty flaw? Numerous women would ask this question. Here are easy ways to do it.

Cardio workouts

If you hate exercising, you had better love them now. The best way to strip this layer of excess fat is to do some cardio exercises. These exercises include jogging, cycling, swimming, walking, swimming, jumping rope and any other workout that could increase your heart rate. As ladies burn stored fat slowly than men, they should aim to exercise for at least forty to sixty minutes. How often you must do your cardio workouts also matters. Three times a week are fine.

Watch what you eat

Some people think that eating fat is bad for their health. So they eat insufficient amounts of fat. If this is what you do, you need to know that fat is essential for fuel. However, you need to eat the sort of fat that promotes your body health. About seventy grams of good fat should be part of your daily diet. This amount will facilitate the release of stored fats. This fat will then be converted to energy.

How much sugar do you consume per day? Excess empty calories from table sugar and refined beverages and foods are bad for your health. They get transformed into fat that is then stored in the tissues for energy. Swap these for sweet potatoes, nuts, green leafy vegetables, oats, brown rice and related low GI foods.  Furthermore, you have to reduce this flab by drinking enough pure water each day. Water promotes digestion and flushes out toxins.

Strengthen your back, hip and abdominal muscles

The next thing you should do to remove your muffin top is to exercise your back, hip and stomach muscles. When these muscles loosen, your abdominal area is likely to sag over your waistband. After learning to improve your posture when seated, standing up or working, try some yoga and Pilate moves.

Try to do the moves that target muscles in these areas. The downward dog exercise will help the navel flab a great deal. This exercise is explained online. As you work out, do not neglect your sides and back. Raise your legs to the side and try swimming techniques that help these parts of the body. Besides, you can get tips from a professional fitness trainer.

Start waist training

This is use of corsets to reduce your natural waist size. A method suitable to all ladies, no matter their size or body shape, waist training works. Although it does not remove the fatty tissue underneath the skin, it squeezes the waist. This makes it look smaller and lovely. Getting a suitable waist trainer is a must if you want to get rid of your muffin top using this technique. Even as you use, remember that exercising your body vigorously is a must. It will help you lose weight and the trainer will enhance your weight loss results. As aforementioned, enhancing your diet is a must even if you will use the waist training approach.

Final word

Above all, you can lead a better life with stress. As stress is inevitable, you should seek suitable ways to manage it.  Cortisol hormone is released when your body is experiencing stress. It causes the body to release more blood sugar into the bloodstream. If this hormone is released often due to stress, more blood sugar will be released. If there is no flight to fight with the extra energy, the blood sugar will be turned into fat. Then your belly fat will increase and become more difficult to remove.