Carpet Cleaning Methods

There’re many carpet cleaning techniques being used by different carpet cleaning firms and households now. Each kind of the cleaning has got its peculiar benefit and drawbacks. The article will help you to select among them, when we tabulate most popular techniques, and outline the perceived pros & cons. Generally, carpet cleaning techniques can be placed in 2 categories: dry cleaning and wet cleaning. The wet cleaning will include the hot water extraction & cleaning with the absorbent pad. The dry carpet cleaning also involves use of the chemical powders and foams that are applied by the special machines with the counter rotating brushes, cylinders and pads.

Wet Cleaning Method
Hot Water Extraction and Deep Steam Cleaning
Carpet is pre-conditioned with the chemical reagent to saponify and liquefy soils or oil based substances that might be there. Water at the temperature near the boiling point and pressure of over 50 – 500 psig is injected in the carpet and suitable dwell time (generally 10 – 15 minutes), resulting solution is been extracted with vacuum of 5 – 14inches HG.

• Allows use of the high temperatures, chemical concentrates and pressures.
• Gets out the soiling deep down in your carpet.
• Chemical reactivity being facilitated by the agitation with the grooming tool and extraction wand.
• It is a method highly recommended by the carpet manufacturers & industry cleaning professionals.
• Allows dwell times for the reaction of the cleaning solvents.

• Costly equipment generally needed for the maximum efficiency
• Relatively high rate factors
• Long drying time: It is reduced with use of the powerful equipment by the competent technicians

Cleaning With the Absorbent Pad
The method that is known as the bonnet cleaning, is often used for the routine light maintenance, however it is used for the regular carpet cleaning. Carpet is vacuumed first, and chemical solution is then sprayed on it with hand pump and electric sprayer. Solution is then allowed to be on carpet for suitable dwell and reaction time. Absorbent pad and bonnet that looks like towel, is been placed on a drive block of rotary floor machine as well as spun over carpet surface 100 – 300rpm. The action serves to saturate carpet fibers with chemical solution & pick this up with soils afterwards.

• Best results with soiled carpets.
• Fast, simple and inexpensive

• Cleans only top 1/3 of carpet fibers and incapable to reach deeper down.
• Leaves chemicals and dirt to accumulate at bottom of carpet fibers close to backing.

Dry Cleaning Method
Cleaning With Absorbent Compound
The powder that is mixed with the special solvents or cleaning agents, is actually spread over carpet as well as worked in fibers with special machine that is fitted with the counter rotating brushes. Powder absorbs soils and is then allowed to set in a carpet for over 10 – 15 minutes & vacuumed up. These are a few amazing methods for carpet cleaning that can be used.